Event Partners


A UK National Amateur Radio Enthusiasts, They provide radio communications and logging of team locations while on the course. They are at Central Control and each check point and with the Search and Rescue vehicles. They have supported the event over 35 years and we thank them for their continuing support. They use the event to rehearse communications in event of a Civil Emergencies as a back up to the Home Office statutory services.

Chiltern Society:

Much of the event will be on Chiltern Society land and we thank them for their kind permission and support over the past 35 years.

Thames Valley Police; Ambulance and Fire Services:

They are notified of the event and provide assistance if and when needed. We thank them for their continuing support and reassuring back up.

Various Land Owners and Local Residents:

The route passes over public and private land along public footpaths and roadways passing some houses. We appreciate their cooperation over the last 35 years and thank them very much. For this reason it is essential we respect their privacy and keep noise to a minimum and don't drop litter.

Event Sponsors

Co-op Food - Trelawney Avenue:

Generously supplied various Food and Consumable Products for the event

238-240 Trelawney Ave, 

Langley, Slough, SL3 7UD

Tel: 01753 545302

Website: https://finder.coop.co.uk/food/store/SL3-7UD/238-240-trelawney-ave

Rotary Club of Langley & Iver would like to say thank the Co-op for their generous support of the event.

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Event Suppliers

Marquee Hire:

Supplied by Berkshire Marquee Hire

33, Surrey Avenue 
Slough, Bershire, SL21DS 
079562 82566
079343 55300 

Website: www.berkshiremarquees.co.uk


Rotary Club of Langley & Iver would like to say thank you for supporting our event and charities

Toilet Hire:

Details to be confirmed